Søren Rasmussen

Søren Rasmussen - EN

Founder of the Danish travel agency Albatros Travel, biologist, expedition leader and author, Søren Rasmussen is a prolific writer whose books cover subjects such as evolution, nature conservation and foreign cultures. He continues to be the owner of Albatros Travel and the companies that are part of the Albatros Group: Albatros Expeditions, Albatros Arctic Circle, Albatros Africa, Albatros Adventure Marathons, Hotel Hvide Falk and Honeyguide camps.

Rasmussen and his wife Berit Willumsgaard founded Albatros Travel in 1986, bringing specialized offerings such as African Safaris and Arctic cruises to Scandinavian families.

In 1998, Søren Rasmussen, had the extreme idea of running the Great Wall of China, and afterwards developed the Great Wall Marathon. This successful venture gave room to the development of Albatros Adventure Marathons, which now hosts 8 events in various parts of the world, including Petra Marathon and the Polar Circle Marathon among others.

An explorer at heart, Søren Rasmussen is also the founder of Albatros Expeditions, which for three decades has been bringing guests to the Arctic region but since 2018 expands its itinerary to the Antarctic continent. Albatros Expeditions recently announced the acquisition of two new vessels, Ocean Victory and Ocean Albatros, and an exciting program that combines expeditions and lectures onboard during each voyage.