Roaming sapiens

Roaming sapiens

Nature can live without us, but we cannot live without nature. We humans often see ourselves as standing on the outside of the realm of nature. But is there a clear division between man and nature? We forget that we are inextricably connected to all other organisms that live in us, on us, around us and communicate with each other and the cells of our body – in a completely autonomous way.  

We may have an impact on nature and feel as if we control it, but is this just an illusion? Nature is dynamic and responds to all activity. Nature is constantly changing and creating new opportunities, such as viable alternatives in response to our activities, but ultimately, natural selection will take care of the rest. Natural processes and evolution create diversity and life but are regularly set back due to natural disasters. Man's biggest problem is that our activities are gradually starting to resemble natural disasters. 


"Roaming Sapiens is a book about the wonders of nature seen through the eyes of a connoisseur and a storyteller. Based on stories from his own travels in all parts of the world, Søren Rasmussen takes us through the many complex processes in nature, turns the most difficult topics into fascinating narratives that explain how nature works, how it all started and how we, Homo sapiens, fit into this puzzle. Biodiversity described and explained with such empathy that it leaves the reader with a feeling of deep respect and fascination, and not least a better understanding of our own role in nature."
Bengt Holst, Director at the Zoological Garden in Copenhagen

„A comprehensive study that encompasses almost unbelievable amounts of information about the human species and its role in the biosphere. The book reflects an ambitious attempt at documenting how humans by no means stand apart from nature – that we are an integral part of it and are inseparable from every organism around us.“
Lars Henrik Aagaard, Berlingske, February 2016 *****

„Scientific storytelling of the very best kind, enlightens and challenges. Humans are a part of nature. Unfortunately we are currently behaving like a natural disaster and are undermining our own existence.“
Mikael Rothstein, Politiken, *****

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