The Polar Handbook

The Polar Handbook

This richly illustrated book is intended for polar expedition travelers visiting Greenland, Svalbard, the Arctic and the Antarctic. The book provides a broad overview of the regions’ geography, history, climate, ocean currents, ecosystems, both in water and on land, plants and wildlife. 

It features a brief description along with illustrations of the fauna, including polar bears, musk ox, reindeer, polar fox, killer whale and other whale species, seals, penguins, petrels, albatrosses and many more. To wrap things up, the book contains a section on tourism in both the Arctic and the Antarctic. 


Fyens Stifttidende 

"They have made a beautiful book. But first and foremost, they have written a book packed with information. The reader learns about the history behind the Arctic and Antarctic. It delves into the geological, the historical, and the many dramas that unfolded as man tried to reach the poles - the story of the present - and of animal and plant life in the Earth’s polar regions. And, it is all accompanied by a plethora of lovely photographs. "